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Extra time betting in the king sport has become increasingly popular. This exclusive betting table for players to choose from brings many attractive benefits. Odds, bets or odds are determined by KEO NHA CAI depending on each match. Players who love overtime betting on the field can learn more about this bet in the following article.

What is the answer to extra time?

Extra Time

Extra time betting in sports betting

Extra time is the term used to refer to the additional time assigned by the referee in matches that have not been decided by the end of the official time. In soccer, the main match is divided into two halves, each half is 45 minutes long, meaning there are 90 scoring minutes + overtime.

If after those two matches the final winner has not been found, extra time is the method to decide. Usually yes2 extra periods, each equal to 15 minutes. Bets that arise during this time are called extra time betsExtra Time bet.

This form of extra time betting only counts the results within 30 minutes of the 2 matches. Players predict according to the type of bet specified by the house to have a chance to win money on the field. Extra time bets are often easy to predict and have high profit values, so they are considered a favorite type of betting.

The most common types of extra time bets

Extra Time

Popular types of extra time bets

This type of soccer side-match betting has many betting options with different betting methods. Players can choose one or more odds to participate to increase their chances of winning and increase rewards from the match.

Handicap half odds

Handicap betting in extra time is similar to the main match. The only difference is that the bettor predicts the result in 2 halves of 30 minutes instead of the official 90 minutes.

Number of attachments extra time bet will be settled The house decides that the greater the difference, the greater the gap in strength. Depending on the results of the odds and the players’ opinions in each round of the two teams’ matches, they make the most accurate choice.

1X2 odds

Betting 1X2 means the player makes a choice about the team that will win in 30 minutes of extra time. This is the most basic bet and appears in all side matches on the field. The 1X2 symbol in this ratio table can be understood as follows:

  • 1: Represents the player who predicts the house team will win the bet.
  • X: Bet for those who predict a draw after 30 minutes.
  • 2: Option that the bettor thinks the away team will be the winning team.

Extra time OU bet

Other Extra time bets are understood as Over and Under. With this type, the bookmaker will make predictions about the number of goals scored by both teams. Participating bettors will make betting decisions based on the numbers specified by the sports site, specifically:

  • O – Over: Total number of extra time goals > Number of bookies specified.
  • U – Under: Total goals in extra time < Number of bookmakers’ predictions.

Predict total score

Overtime total score for pPlayers are encouraged to predict and bet on the total of all goals scored in both extra periods. The requirements for this type are relatively strict, you must accurately predict the points won by both teams to receive betting rewards.

Although the difficulty is high, the profits are extremely attractive to players. The opportunity to win money is exponential, giving the potential number of winnings many times over.

Odd/even overtime odds

This is also based on the total number of goals scored, but you will predict whether the total is an even or odd number. If you think the two teams scored a total of 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, choose odd. On the contrary, if you think the total number of goals in extra time is even 0, 2, 4, 6, 8, then choose even.

For this betting table, you do not need to care about the winning or losing team, you just need to pay attention to the even number. Just by choosing the correct total score, the player can win the bonus amount from extra time with an attractive return rate.

Advantages of extra time betting in betting

Extra Time

Outstanding advantages of extra time betting

Extra time betting tables takes place after 90 minutes of official play has passed. Therefore, it is easier for players to predict, predict, choose teams or potential bets.

  • Players can study the actual combat strength of the two teams to evaluate their ability to compete on the field at kickoff time.
  • Considering changes in formation, players or tactics, bettors can easily get predictions about scoring ability.
  • Evaluate the physical strength of players on the field, compare the lineup after the official 90 minutes to see which side maintains the most stable movement speed or playing style to bet on.
  • Extra time bets have up to 5 hoursDue to the betting format, you have many options. The house allows combining odds so your chances of winning are high.
  • Extra time betting does not appear in all matches, so when this betting table is available, the conversion value is large, and the betting profit from extra time is also extremely desirable.

Some notes before participating in extra time betting

Any bet Let’s betcan also bring players unexpected benefits. However, before betting, you also need to pay attention to a few points to ensure safety and fairness for yourself.

Choose a large, trustworthy bookmaker

A reputable playground will be a solid key point committed to fairness, transparency and fairness in these extra time bet you join. Players should prioritize long-standing, famous online sports betting brands in the market.

Pay special attention to the public operating license and coverage, and reviews from the betting community. Thereby you can bet with confidence, confidently invest in the match, predict the score, and receive money quickly.

Set betting limits

Having a plan when playing soccer betting will help you save costs, limit losses and get the highest profits. Before you start betting, set your financial limit as well as the amount of money you will play in each match. Bettors should divide the amount for each bet and combine forms to maximize profits.

Choose the right team

Extra innings always take place after the match ends and cannot be won or lost. That’s why players should prioritize tracking and betting on appearances where they clearly understand the situation.

This ensures players can be autonomous during the betting process, proactively check odds, bringing high betting efficiency. At the same time, understanding the team also helps you be flexible when investing, proactively adjusting bets to optimize winning performance.

Experience in choosing the correct overtime bet

Secrets for players on the field will help players have profitable matches. Apply some of the following experiences to increase your chances of bringing the prize money into your pocket:

  • Compare the achievements, strength, and competition results of the two teams to know their current capabilities.
  • Based on the situation at 90 minutes of play pEstimate, make subjective judgments about the ability to score goals, thereby deciding on the bet for extra time bet.
  • Pay attention to the handicap, the higher the handicap, the greater the difference in strength, giving priority to betting on the stronger team.


Above are detailed information about extra time bet and effective betting experiences. Hopefully players will understand more about this type of grass field reward exchange, participate in KEONHACAI with betting tips, and firmly grasp the prize money in their hands.


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