Luke Shaw, Man United Players Set to begin Training


Luke Shaw
Luke Shaw, Man United Players Set to begin Training

Luke Shaw, Manchester United defender says when they return to training on Wednesday, he will take “a big step forward.”

While interaction between players is not yet allowed, the Unified squad will reconvene for a first session, as the limitations on coronavirus for elite sport have been eased.

Small group meetings will begin, but participants will stick to the laws of social space, arriving at home in training gear and showering rather than in communal changing rooms.

“The rules may be very strict, but naturally we ‘re all going to adhere to them just to make sure things are running as smoothly and safe as possible,” said Luke Shaw.

“I think we’re all determined to do things properly because we’re all looking forward to getting back on a proper pitch! Running down at the park is okay, but obviously it isn’t ideal.

“It’s going to be fun to be around new people and see the boys again for a little while. Moving onto the same training pitch as each other is a big step forward.

Luke Shaw assured the official website of United that it will not just be the players who love returning to work, describing how “you could see how happy the coaches were” in a community call.


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